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Welcome to Hurdsfield Primary School

Our School Learning Values are: RESPECT, CHALLENGE, REFLECTION, RESILIENCE, ENCOURAGEMENT and GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP because... we are a BRILLIANTLY HAPPY school where only our BEST will do.

School Performance

A Summary of the Key School Performance Indicators




Ofsted Report (May 2022) - Hurdsfield is a GOOD School in ALL Areas!


Click here for a link to the Ofsted Website.

Ofsted Finding Letter (June 2022)

Year 6 SATs Attainment Summary

Below is a comparative table showing our end of KS2 SATs results over the past three years:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is no published data for the 2020 academic year.  However, we have included the Teacher Assessed Grades for the children within the cohort for your information.  


Number of Pupils 6 Pupils 16 Pupils 17 Pupils 22 Pupils
Subject 2017 (%) 2018 (%) 2019 (%) 2020 (%)
Reading (reaching expected standard) 50 72 53 73 (27% exceeding)
Writing (reaching expected standard) 50 52 71 73 (5% exceeding)
Maths (reaching expected standard) 44 48 71 73 (23% exceeding)
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined 31 39 53 73


Click here to access the Department for Education (DfE) School Performance Website.

A Brilliantly Happy School Where Only Our Best Will Do!