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Welcome to Hurdsfield Primary School

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Hurdsfield Primary School

Hello, my name is Richard Jervis and I have the honour and privilege of being the Headteacher of Hurdsfield Primary School.  I am delighted that I have the opportunity to welcome you to Hurdsfield Primary School where 'Only our BEST will do!" 


Hurdsfield Primary School is amazing!  Every Headteacher would say that about their school but Hurdsfield Primary School is a fantastic place for our most fantastic asset: our awesome children!  Having recently taken over as Headteacher of the school, I have been so impressed with the pupils’ attitude to learning and determination to achieve. 



The BEST School Environment 

The BEST schools are HAPPY schools and that is our aim: to make Hurdsfield the happiest school where all children can thrive and succeed.  We prioritise our learners' mental and physical health alongside academic excellence to provide them with the knowledge and skills that they need, and the mindset required for future success and happiness.  


Walking around the school, Hurdsfield Primary School pupils are active in their learning showing curiosity, whilst demonstrating resilience in the challenges that they encounter - with a smile on their faces!


No ceilings on expectation: 

All staff at Hurdsfield Primary School are united behind the core belief that all children can, do, and will achieve and learn. All staff know that it is everyone's job to ensure that this happens.  We are a truly inclusive school in which we have the very highest expectations for all learners. We employ a pro-active approach to teaching and learning: intervening at the right time to ensure that all children can keep up with their peers as well as, when appropriate, accelerating their progress.   

Aiming for excellence with enjoyment: 

Our school aims to provide each and every learner with exciting, stimulating and truly memorable learning experiences as part of a challenging and progressive curriculum across a range of subjects. We actively encourage our children to aspire to be more and recognise the importance of practice, patience, effort, encouragement and challenge: we want our children to see failure as their first attempt in learning and seek feedback as to how to improve.  


Come and see us

I invite you to come and visit Hurdsfield so that you can see for yourself what makes our school a happy, caring environment for our pupils to achieve and succeed.  Contact our school office to arrange a visit!


Best wishes,


Richard Jervis


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Hurdsfield Primary School: Where Only Our Best Will Do!