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Welcome to Hurdsfield Primary School

Hurdsfield Primary School's School Meal Menu

Children who eat a balanced, healthy diet are more likely to be alert in class and have more energy to enjoy an active lifestyle.  This is why school meals are so important!


Why have a school meal?

When children are hungry – when any of us are hungry for that matter – and blood sugar levels drop, tempers flare, we all become less tolerant and tend to be more emotional.  A proper hot, nutritionally balanced meal in the middle of the day will nourish them and top up their blood sugar levels for longer, helping children to stay calm and behave better.


We believe that...

  • A healthy, well balanced meal is proven to give them the slow release energy they need to stay focused and learn effectively.
  • A well balanced meal at school can provide so much of the good nutrients our bodies and minds need to grow and develop.
  • By introducing healthy eating habits early on, we believe we can reduce the chances of them having poor diets later on in life, reducing the risk of diet related diseases.


Lunch Spring/Summer 2024

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