Wishing all of our families and friends a great summer break! See you all at 8.45am on Tuesday 4th September 2018. In the meantime "only the best (summer) will do!" ENJOY!

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Welcome to Hurdsfield Primary School

At Hurdsfield: only our best will do! That includes attendance. Is your attendance awesome?

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As Albert Einstein himself said,“If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried anything new!”

“At Hurdsfield:we believe in the power of yet”

“Every child deserves nothing short of the BEST- Teaching, Curriculum and Learning Environment!”

“We know that every child can,do and will learn and will stop at nothing to ensure this happens!”

“At Hurdsfield:we embody excellence and enjoyment through high expectations and challenge for all!”


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  • Reception: 18/19
  • Year 1: 18/19
  • Year 2: 18/19
  • Year 3: 18/19
  • Year 4: 18/19
  • Year 5: 18/19
  • Year 6: 18/19
  • Whole School: 18/19

Team Points

Team Points

  • Messi 18/19
  • Disney 18/19
  • Einstein 18/19
  • Rowling 18/19

Calendar Dates

Calendar Dates

  • No diary entries to display.
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At Hurdsfield: only our best will do!