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Welcome to Hurdsfield Primary School

Our School Learning Values are: RESPECT, CHALLENGE, REFLECTION, RESILIENCE, ENCOURAGEMENT and GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP because... we are a BRILLIANTLY HAPPY school where only our BEST will do.

Our School Houses

Our School's "New" Houses (March 2021)



Anne Frank gained fame posthumously with the publication of The Diary of a Young Girl in which she documents her life in hiding during World War II.


Frank's House Captains are: Lexi and Leighton

Frank House Theme Tune is: Gold by Spandau Ballet



Juliana Ossa was ten when she fought off an alligator.



Ossa's House Captains are: Harvie and Kimi

Ossa House Theme Tune is: We are the Champions by Queen



Louis Braille lost his eyesight at five. Instead of giving up he used he used his disability to create a new system to allow blind people to read. 



Braille House Captains are: Ava and Tommy-Lee

Braille House Theme Tune is: Another one Bites the Dust by Queen



Ellie Simmonds won Gold medals at the 2008 Paralympic Games and is the youngest person ever to be awarded an OBE.



Frank's House Captains are: Jesse and Archie

Frank House Theme Tune is: Song 2 by Blur

A Brilliantly Happy School Where Only Our Best Will Do!