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Welcome to Hurdsfield Primary School

Our School Learning Values are: RESPECT, CHALLENGE, REFLECTION, RESILIENCE, ENCOURAGEMENT and GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP because... we are a BRILLIANTLY HAPPY school where only our BEST will do.

Our School Houses

Our School's Houses



Anne Frank gained fame posthumously with the publication of The Diary of a Young Girl in which she documents her life in hiding during World War II.


Frank's House Captains are: Ted and Mia

Frank House Theme Tune is: Don't Stop Me Now



Juliana Ossa was ten when she fought off an alligator.



Ossa's House Captains are: Lucie and Connor

Ossa House Theme Tune is: Never Gonna Give You Up



Louis Braille lost his eyesight at five. Instead of giving up he used he used his disability to create a new system to allow blind people to read. 



Braille House Captains are: Kadence and L-Jay

Braille House Theme Tune is: Living on a Prayer



Ellie Simmonds won Gold medals at the 2008 Paralympic Games and is the youngest person ever to be awarded an OBE.



Frank's House Captains are: Isaac and Lily

Frank House Theme Tune is: FRIDAY

A Brilliantly Happy School Where Only Our Best Will Do!