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Welcome to Hurdsfield Primary School

Our Behaviour for Learning Code: RESPECT, CHALLENGE, REFLECTION, RESILIENCE, ENCOURAGEMENT and CITIZENSHIP because... At Hurdsfield: only our best will do!

Headteacher's Blog

Proud Headteacher of such a fabulous school with amazing children!

Proud Headteacher of such a fabulous school with amazing children! 1

A typical day at Hurdsfield where "only our best will do!" This is why I am proud to be the Headteacher of our amazing school!

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Another half-term done!

WE 14.2.2020


What a fantastic end to a wonderful half term.  Over the last two weeks, we have been working hard to achieve our goal of becoming the happiest school in Macclesfield and what better way to mark this than to celebrate ‘Children’s Mental Health Week 2020’ and holding our first INSIDE OUT day. The day began with our ‘Mental Health Mile’ completed by all of our learners and parents/carers to highlight the link between physical exercise and mental wellbeing. The children then split into mixed groups to complete a range of activities including: sports; sleep clinic in which children learnt about the importance of sleep and shared their favourite bedtime book; creating their own music video to the song ‘Firework’ by Katie Perry as well as mindfulness sessions and circle times. An amazing day was had by all as we continue to make sure we are the happiest school in both body and mind!  Remember: We are enough!


The end of this half term also marks the completion of another round of reading assessments and I am pleased to confirm that the children have made amazing progress!  I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our parents/carers who have supported our youngest children in reaching our aim of making every child a confident and fluent reader by the end of Year 1.  Please continue to read with your child as much as you can during February half-term to build on this superb progress and get your thinking caps on for a costume for our World Book Day theme of coming dressed as your favourite word from your favourite book... be imaginative! World Book Day is held on Thursday 5th March 2020.

The end of 2019 and what a year it has been!

WE 20.12.2019


It is hard to believe that this is the last blog post of 2019 and what a year it has been.  We would like to dedicate this edition of the newsletter to reflect on what has been a fabulous term within a great year at Hurdsfield.  We continue on our improvement journey towards the aim of providing the absolute best for our most important asset, our amazing children. Here are just a FEW highlights from the last 12 months at Hurdsfield.


2019 was the year of awesome attendance

Despite recent absences caused by the much-publicised sickness and virus outbreaks, we can look back on 2019 with pride in just how much our school community has worked on improving our overall attendance from 93% to over 96%.  The number of children who have also been recorded as late has dramatically reduced and we are now averaging less than 30 minutes per week of lost learning.  WOW!  This dramatic improvement in such a relatively short period of time shows just what we can achieve as a school community.  Thank you for your support and, as we move into a new year, our school’s new year’s resolution is to continue the good work we have started and reach our target of 97% overall attendance by the end of 2019-2020 academic year; a tall order but one that I know our community will rise to.  Well done everyone!


2019 was the year of engaging enquiries

Our new enquiry based curriculum model, which has been created with the children at the centre of its design, has seen our children posed with challenging questions which have really engaged all children in exciting and meaningful learning across the full curriculum.  Our children have discussed questions such as “Can you be British and still believe in Islam?” and “Is girl power real in the 21st century?” as well as “Can tragedies from the past have happy endings?” and even “Would you rather be a troll or a goat?”  Each enquiry has a book hook that runs throughout the enquiry and we provide all learners with memorable experiences which support their learning journey through our IGNITION days.  In January 2020, we will be answering the following questions:  EYFS: “Is there such a thing as a good dinosaur?” Year 1: “What if toys could really talk?” Year 2: “Do you need to be an artist to create a masterpiece?” Year 3: “Would it be better to be a Groovy Greek or a Rotten Roman? Year 4/5: “Why wasn’t World War one the war to end all wars?” Year 6: “What if history didn’t happen?”


2019 was the year of our fabulous PTA

Thank you to the previous and current PTA committee for their sterling work in not only raising funds for our school but also putting Hurdsfield firmly on the map!  From Hurdsfest in June to our Firework Extravaganza in November, 2019 has been a memorable and exciting year in which our school can stand proud within our local community.  With a new chair and committee comes new ideas for 2020 and we cannot wait to support our PTA in their efforts to raise much-needed funds for our school and, more importantly, support us in providing unforgettable experiences for your children.


2019 was the year of exciting school improvement

From launching our new Early Reading and Phonics program to working with the Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hubs and local maths specialists, we are proud of the work we have completed to meet our aims of providing the best level of education for your children here at Hurdsfield.  The driving force for all of this improvement is ensuring that all children reach the highest standards through a framework of high expectations and challenge for all; in all areas of school life.  This year has also been about ensuring consistency in the quality of delivery across the school.  In our efforts to ensure sustained improvements, we have invited many experts into school to support us in embedding consistency across the school.  Each visitor has been extremely complimentary about the work of the school; the commitment of our staff to driving forward improvement and the impact this is already having on our children as well as, of course, our superb children who really do make us proud to work here every day.  We look forward to 2020; ready to embed the changes we have made and work with other professionals to make sure we meet our motto of “At Hurdsfield: only our best will do!” J

Mental Health matters at Hurdsfield!

WE 29.11.2019


We are pleased to announce that our school is one of the first in the UK to have qualified mental health first aider - yes that's right a member of staff who is trained to support children and adults with current or developing mental health problems. WOW!


Mrs. Baxter, our Learning Mentor is on hand to support children and families as we maintain our commitment to providing the best-rounded provision for our children and their families!



We are proud to be a bully-free school!

WE 15.11.2019


What an amazing week! We have been working hard this week to ensure that ‘Change starts with us!” As our children shared their tips about how they can change and make sure that Hurdsfield remains a bullying free zone! Here are a few snaps of our fabulous sharing assembly as each year group shared their tips with the children.


EYFS: What is kindness?
Year 1: Is a smile contagious?

Year 2: Is there a recipe for friendship?
Year 3: Can compliments make you happy?
Year 4 and 5: R.E.S.P.E.C.T what does it mean to me?
Year 6: What does tolerance mean in 2019?

A peak at our IGNITION day today... hurray!

A peak at our IGNITION day today... hurray! 1
A peak at our IGNITION day today... hurray! 2

Emotional health matters!

WE 18.10.2019


At Hurdsfield we are proud to be working hard to promote and secure positive emotional health for all of our learners as we believe that a happy school means a successful school. Last Thursday saw the launch of our Emotional Health drive at Hurdsfield which was led by our emotional health ambassadors: Tom, Khalise, Heidi and Kaylen. As well as a day of fun with our friends, we also learnt about what emotional health is and how we can work with others to make sure that we maintain a positive mental mindset. Our commitment to providing an emotionally healthy learning environment is a key part of our curriculum offer at Hurdsfield. We are proud to provide every child in school with weekly yoga sessions led by a qualified instructor, weekly circle times in which emotional health topics are discussed with our children, weekly Forest School lessons for our children to embrace learning in the outdoors. Our curriculum drivers also include a mixture of values-based drivers that explore emotional and physical health topics. We have even more exciting plans for the future too… LOOK!


Learning Mentor:  We are also excited to be developing our pastoral team here at Hurdsfield who will complement our Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the success of vulnerable learners, Mrs Brownhill. We plan to appoint a Learning Mentor to our staff team who will be non-classed based but assigned to work with individual and groups of children and their families to secure the best possible provision for our learners outside of the classroom environment. As soon as this person is appointed, we will share more plans with you. #excitingtimes


Our new playground has arrived… The long wait is over and the installation has finally begun this week. We are so pleased that we can finally create an outdoor space we can be proud of! This is phase one of our longer-term plans to provide the very best outdoor learning environment for your amazing children! Our children will have the opportunity to learn about the skills needed to build our new playground too. 

Where have our children been taken to in their learning this week?
WE 4.10.2019

This week saw the second of our IGNITION days to mark the start of our new three-week enquiry blocks. Our IGNITION days are a firm favourite with our children, teachers and parents and, as well as being a fun and memorable experience for all, they are fundamental to our curriculum delivery model which focuses on providing memorable, real-life experiences to base wider learning experiences on. Under our new model, each three-week enquiry block starts with a question linked to our whole school themes. We are proud that our curriculum themes are a mixture of subject and values-based drivers which base the development of the best human being at the centre of our school curriculum.


Our whole school themes are summarised below:

  • Values drivers: We are citizens! We are creative! We are valued! We are ambitious! We are current!
  • Subject drivers: We are historians! We are geographers! We are scientists!


This week, our children really enjoyed their IGNITION into the following enquiries:

  • EYFS: Who am I?
  • Year 1: Which famous Brit showed the most British Values?
  • Year 2: Do you need to be an artist to create a masterpiece?
  • Year 3: When did British history begin?
  • Year 4/5: Is all healthy food boring?
  • Year 6: Is doing the easy thing always the right thing?


Monday, I had the privilege to accompany our Year 6 children to Chester Zoo in their quest to become ‘Trainee Conservationists’. We learnt about how human actions can cause serious problems and discussed how doing the easy things, in relation to achieving human desires, can have a detrimental effect on wildlife and the natural world. We took inspiration from the current crisis in the Amazon rainforest. Year 1 enjoyed a ‘right royal knees’ up as they found out about arguably one of the most famous Brits in modern times, Queen Elizabeth II. The afternoon was topped off with a royal banquet to mark the coronation of King Henry IV – long live the king! Year 3 spent the day living as Stone Age dwellers and enjoyed their time in our Forest School, using traditional methods to experience life in Stone Age Britain. Year 4 and 5 decided to experiment with healthy food to see if it really is boring. Pictures of our IGNITION days are always collated and shared in the children books which can be viewed each Friday in our weekly Feedback Friday sessions.

Promoting an Emotionally Healthy School!

WE 4.10.2019


Hurdsfield School is pleased to be part of the Emotionally Healthy Schools Partnership with other local schools who are dedicated to supporting and promoting positive mental health and happiness amongst our children. 


To mark ‘World Mental Health Day’, we will be holding an emotional health awareness day on Thursday 10th October 2019.  Children are welcome to come into school wearing their home clothes for a £1 donation to the ‘Young minds’ charity.  As you know, Hurdsfield is committed to promoting positive emotional health within our school and, alongside our already planned weekly yoga sessions, your children will complete a range of workshops about how to maintain an emotionally healthy lifestyle.  Activities will include:

  1. Smoothie making
  2. Healthy food awareness
  3. Mindfulness sessions
  4. Emotional health awareness workshops


We are looking forward to our day, led by our child Emotional Health Ambassadors, dedicated to promoting emotionally healthy young minds.






With the installation of the new fencing around the school field, we feel it is about time we have it a spruce up with a particular focus on our Forest School which we have aptly named 'Hurdsfield Hollow'. Following the success of our 'Ground Force' day in 2017, this event would be focused on our Forest School but will rely on the kindness and generosity of our friends and families to achieve our goals. There will be a task for all ages and abilities including general tidying and creation of specific areas which will link with making our Forest School classroom the absolute best!


FREE refreshments will be on offer for all volunteers and every little bit of help (even for one hour) really will help. Keep an eye out for more information but, in the meantime... here's a poster which we would like you to share!


Come on... We can do it.  Our school and community are AMAZING!



Come along to our Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support



Hurdsfield Primary School is planning to build on the success of last year's event and host another Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support on Friday 27th September 2019 between 9 and 11am. Everyone is invited as we aim to host Hurdsfield Community's BIGGEST Coffee Morning! Please spread the word and let's make a difference together!

They can do no more…

WE 10.5.2019


That’s it! The countdown is now over and the Year 6s are about to embark on their SATs week starting on Monday 13th May. As a school, we are incredibly proud of the effort and determination our children have put into preparing for these assessments and know that, whatever happens, every child will do their absolute best and that is all we can ask for. At this time of year, it is becoming a growing custom for school’s to remind children of all of the things that these assessments cannot measure: creativity, flare, imagination, happiness and potential to name but a few but it is also correct that these assessments do not showcase the range of unique talents our children possess.


However, at Hurdsfield, our children have shown many of the qualities that we would expect them to show as they prepared for these assessments including: resilience, reflection, determination and amazing encouragement of their peers.


Our children are ready to tackle these tests and understand that they are expected to do their best and believe that they can achieve – as Mrs Brownhill said, “its mind-set and not ability-set that’s important” and we couldn’t agree with her more! During the coming months, other Year groups will be taking part in statutory assessments too. Year 2 have started their “Show off Quizzes” this week too and Year 1 will be sharing their phonic knowledge later in the term too!


Their teachers are incredibly proud of them and so are we! As a reward and in recognition of all of their hard work, the whole school are off to Formby on Monday 20th May as our IGNITION into HURDSFEST 2019 which has a beach theme! We are also trialling our new, bespoke curriculum model and each class will be investigating their own enquiry questions.


I don’t want to give too much away but our class teachers have planned a range of exciting and unique activities to support the children’s’ enquiry into the following questions:


- EYFS: What do we find on the beach?

- KS1: Is it just humans who like to be beside the seaside?

- Year 3/4: Is sand useful?

- Year 4/5: Is plastic still fantastic?

- Year 6: What would the beach be like if humans didn’t exist?


We are really looking forward to what promises to be a fantastic day for ‘Team Hurdsfield!’

Welcome Back... Summer is here at Hurdsfield!

WE 26.4.2019


It may have only been a short week here at Hurdsfield but that doesn’t mean that it has been uneventful and full of fabulous learning and fun for all of our children. The term started with our children’s IGNITION into their new topics! Year 1 and 2 used their feet to explore the local area and created story sticks to aid in their writing. Miss Ashton’s class began their topic by designing a giant IRON MAN… their creations are amazing; come and take a look. Miss Smith’s class were finding out if any mountain could be high enough to… taking inspiration from the famous song ‘Ain’t no Mountain High Enough’ by Marvin Gaye!


Year 6 pupils also had their IGNITION into their ‘Survivors’ topic by reading and exploring texts from the book SURVIVORS full of amazing, real-life tales and stories! In addition to their new topic Year 6 have been working hard towards their most important week of the year – SHOW OFF WEEK aka SATs week which is scheduled for WB 13th May 2019. I cannot tell you how proud EVERY member of staff is of our Year 6 pupils and we know that they will do their absolute best during this week. Well done to you all!


Due to our expanding school numbers, this week, we have agreed plans for the development of our current ICT space into a completely new and fully refurbished classroom space which will become our Year 6 classroom in September! This is a really exciting project and promises to turn what was once on an outdoor area with a roof on into an integral, fully functional and completely refurbished classroom space for up to 30 pupils. In addition, as the ICT suite is effectively being removed, we have secured funding for new mobile technology and an updated WiFi network! All of the works will be completed over the Summer holiday ready for the new academic year!


Finally, we can also update you on the Playground redevelopment works. We are planning for these to start in the Summer holiday and these works will happen alongside the classroom redevelopment. This has been long overdue and, following the ground survey report issued just before Easter, we now have the go-ahead to start these much-needed developments. This is great news and further evidence that we are working hard to meet our joint aim of making sure Hurdsfield provides the best for our amazing children!

The end of another term at Hurdsfield!

WE 5.4.2019


It is hard to believe that we are at the end of another term at Hurdsfield and what a term it has been!


Our school continues to go from strength the strength; united behind our shared vision of ensuring that we provide nothing short of the best for your children.


A summary of this terms highlights include:


Awesome Attendance: The school has achieved the best ever overall attendance rates it has ever seen showing an overall increase of 3.05% compared to this time last year! With a target from CE set at a 0.5% increase per academic year, our increase is phenomenal and shows what the power of high expectations, community cohesion and consistency can do. Thank you for ensuring your children attend school every day and on time!


Safeguarding Success: Last week, we had a visit from a member of the ‘Safeguarding Children in Education Settings’ (SCiES) team from Cheshire East to complete a ‘Policy in Practise Review’ at the request of the school to assess the improvements we had made since September 2017. As well as being the council officers “favourite school to visit” it was noted that there has been “significant and amazing” improvement in the all things safeguarding at Hurdsfield and the school is physically and operationally a very different place from when they first visited in 2017. They heaped praise on the hard work of the staff in securing these improvements and our dedication to ensuring that all of our children are safe and happy.


Impressive Improvement: This term, we have also had visits from lead professionals from a range of settings to review and support the work of the school. As mentioned in previous newsletters, the overriding message is one of “keep doing what you are doing”. This is a huge compliment and something that, as a school community, we should be very proud of. Hurdsfield Primary School and Nursery are making a name for itself as a centre of innovation and excellence. We are proud that we are able to demonstrate to the local and wider community our impressive school, awesome children and superb staff and share our journey of development with the wider community.


I really couldn’t be prouder of the school and its amazing children! We really are putting Hurdsfield on the map and we are being noticed as a school which is innovative, successful and dedicated to ensuring our children receive the best! Thank you for your support of our school – we really couldn’t do it without you all! ☺

Comic Relief does Readathon at Hurdsfield

WB 11.3.2019


It's our 'Comic Relief does Readathon' next week and we are really excited.


We have joined with Usborne books to enable our school to receive FREE (yes FREE) books for school by match funding all that we raise. Just £5 per child raise over £1500 for us to spend on books.


The rules of the Readathon are simple: you choose your own challenge. Perhaps you might challenge yourself to read a full novel in a week (or even a series of stories), perhaps you will challenge yourself to read a certain number of pages or words a day or even make sure that you read for 30 minutes each day - the choice of your reading challenge is yours! Please make every effort to get as much sponsorship money as possible - it will DIRECTLY help your children 


On Friday 15th March, we are celebrating comic relief and comedy writing by inviting all children (and staff) to come into school dressed as their favourite comical character. Could you be Mr or Mrs Twit, The 'Gangsta Granny' or even an Alien who 'loves underpants', the choice is yours.

Sporting Developments at Hurdsfield!



We are really excited about the Sporting Developments here at Hurdsfield.


Our school has:

Joined the Macclesfield Sports Partnership and is entered into a range of new tournaments.

Purchased a NEW and amazingly smart sports kit so that our children can enter and represent our amazing school in these tournaments. We have been promised that this will arrive by Monday (very excited).

Employed Professional Sports Specialists to work alongside our teachers during their classes PE sessions in preparation for these tournaments. This half term we have entered a Tri-Golf tournament for Year 6 who will be coached by a PGA Qualified Coach every Thursday and a Gymnastics Competition for Year 3 and 4 who are being coached by Sallie from Stage Invaders every Tuesday!

We have Tennis, Football, Athletics and others in the pipe line!

We cannot wait to fill our trophy cabinet! Go TEAM HURDSFIELD!

Comic Relief does Reading at Hurdsfield this year!

WE 8.2.2019


With World Book Day and Comic Relief approaching soon after half term, we have decided to combine the two events into a week filled with fun reading activities (this will also mean that that our children only need to dress up once!)


We will be visited by Steve Webb the comedy author behind ‘Spangles McNasty’ who will be taking the children on a comedy book writing adventure!


Book Week will be WB 11th March 2019. During the week, the children will be completing a sponsored ‘Readathon’. All money raised will be split between Comic Relief and buying books for our school library! The more money we raise; the more books we can buy.


On Friday 15th March, we are inviting children and staff to come into school dressed as their favourite comical book character (or they could make up their own).


We are really excited. It’s time to get your comedy character outfit ready! Could you be a David Walliams Gangsta Granny or a character from Rat Burger? The choice is yours!


We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

WE 21.12.2018


As we approach the end of another full year here at Hurdsfield, it is hard not to reflect on all we have achieved as a school community. As mentioned on Monday, Hurdsfield is a unique school, full of character, spirit, happiness and fun and I truly believe that your children are very fortunate to be pupils at our school. Our school is all about the children, all children and nothing but the children and nothing shows that more than the dedicated staff we have here at school. On behalf of the whole school community, I would like to wish our amazing staff a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Our school is also at the heart of a very special community; one which has come together to make a real difference to the children in school as well as the lives of others. Nothing shows this more than the staggering amounts of money we have raised for school and local charities during this festive period.


Our ‘Snowman Sprint’ in aid of East Cheshire Hospice raised a staggering £1340 for this essential local charity. This was a real community effort and special thanks must go to the following who raised the most money in their respective classes:


Nursery: Phoebe - £87

Reception: Zak - £45

Year 1: Dylan - £58.20

Year 2: Mia - £59

Year 3/4: Lexi - £25

Year 4/5: Jack - £110 - WOW!

Year 6: Chloe - £40


Thank you for your donations! We are sure that these donations will go a long way in supporting the work of the hospice in the New Year. In addition to this, your support of our fabulous PTA’s events has raised a staggering £1732.90 which will be invested back into school in the coming months. The monies raised are already having an impact in school; from our new stage to our new defibrillator and associated training – they are allowing us to provide even more for your children. The PTA are an essential part of our school and your support of them and their ideas is greatly needed and received. As we say goodbye to 2018, we look forward to 2019 with a clear vision for continued improvement as we continue to aim to provide nothing short of the best for your children.


On behalf of all of the governors, staff and children, I would like to wish all of our families and friends, a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

We're in the Macc Express! Well done to Year 6!

We're in the Macc Express!  Well done to Year 6! 1

A Christmas Message

WB 17.12.2018


At Christmas, we are mindful of the need to give thanks; give thanks for what makes ourselves, our families and our community special!


As I am sure you are all aware, our school has a motto “At Hurdsfield: only our best will do!” Our school aims to provide nothing short of the best for your children in all aspects of their education.


We are a unique school, full of character, spirit, happiness and fun and I truly believe that your children are very fortunate to be pupils at our school.


This thought got me thinking… by changing only a few words in our motto, we can share why we feel, this Christmas time, we should all be thankful to be associated with our great school.


Only at Hurdsfield… do we have a strong and everlasting connection with the local church who support our children and wider school community in so many ways. From running our breakfast club to providing inspirational assemblies to the children, we are truly blessed to be associated the amazing church community here at Holy Trinity Church.


Only at Hurdsfield… do we have a dedicated group of Parents and Carers who share our desire to become the best! Thank you for your support in rehearsing for this performance and making/providing these costumes. However, nothing symbolises how amazing our parents/carers are more than the work of our newly formed PTA who has led what can only be described as stunning events that are designed to enrich your child’s education and raise much-needed funds for the school. From a much-needed stage to Hurdsfield’s first community defibrillator, your support has already helped enrich the lives of the pupils at Hurdsfield.


Only at Hurdsfield… do your children have access to the most talented, dedicated and professional staff team I have ever had the privilege to work with. Many members of staff refer to Hurdsfield as ‘infectious’ (no I don’t mean some form of deadly disease) but as a school that resonates the core principle of what I feel a school should be about – the children, all children and nothing but the children. The performance you see in front of you is just one small example of the time and dedication the staff at school put into your children which is above and beyond what they are paid for. I wish all of the staff at Hurdsfield a restful Christmas break.


AND FINALLY: Only at Hurdsfield… do we have the ultimate privilege of teaching your amazing children each and every day. They really do brighten up our days with their boundless enthusiasm and bubbly personalities. In all of the schools I have worked in, I have never seen such a loving, caring, enthusiastic and friendly group of children. They remind us every day why we do this job – it’s not for the pay, the holidays or even the biscuits in the staffroom at Christmas… it’s for them and we will never lose sight of this at Hurdsfield now or in the future.


On behalf of all of the children, staff and governors of Hurdsfield Primary School and Nursery, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year as


“At Hurdsfield: only the best (Christmas) will do!”

What a week for our AMAZING Year 6 Children!

WE 7.12.2018


We are at the end of another ACTION PACKED week here at Hurdsfield and what a week it has been; especially for our Year 6 children who started and ended the week singing Christmas Carols in the local community!


On Tuesday, our amazing Year 6 children sang at Holy Trinity Church and were the stars of their annual retirement Carol Service. Solos from Jaco, Charlie, Leon and Lexi brought tears of happiness to the audience’s eyes. I am sure you will agree – nothing says Christmas quite like the sound of children singing and especially children as polite and good-humoured as our Year 6 children!


On Wednesday, our Year 6 children visited Tesco and provided festive cheer to shoppers as they packed bags and took a tour of the store to raise money for their residential visit to Whitby next summer. Thanks to their superb manners and good humour, I was inundated with compliments from shoppers about how brilliant our children are who also stood out from the crowd in their amazingly smart uniforms! They really were a credit to the school and their parents. We are really pleased to report that the children raised over £260 towards their visit thanks to the generosity of the shoppers at Tesco. On behalf of the children and staff, I would like to say thank you to the community for supporting Hurdsfield School.


Year 6 also enjoyed a sleepover in school on Thursday as a reward for their amazing learning and effort in their lessons. They enjoyed a ‘midnight’ session of Forest Schools with Mrs Baxter as well as festive fun as they slept in the school hall. The week ended with Year 6 returning to Tesco to entertain shoppers with their fabulous singing. I am happy to report that their performance was not hampered by their sleepover at school! J

Welcome Back

WB 5.11.2018


Hello everyone and welcome back! We have so many exciting things booked for this half term, including non-uniform days, the Christmas fair, a pantomime, carol concerts and our Christmas production at Holy Trinity Church – to name a few! We have already got the half term off to a fabulous start with our exciting ignition day on Monday.


Our Early Years children are learning about celebrations this half term and have started by making delicious firework treats! They have made themselves into human fireworks and have had a popcorn machine in to make firework noises!


Year 1 are learning about the Giant’s Causeway and spent their ignition day acting out the story, making collages of the famous landmark and turning pupils into giants! They got so into character that they ended the day with a Scottish Vs Irish PE lesson!


Year 2 had a day of art – designing and making Bonfire pictures using a variety of different mediums.


Miss Ashton’s class started their work on the Celts, designing and making shields to prepare for a Celtic battle. They also created and performed Celtic raps – make sure you ask Miss Ashton to give you a demonstration next time you see her in the playground!


Miss Smith’s class welcomed a very scary Viking into their classroom for their ignition day! It was a day filled with drama for the Year 4s and 5s who imagined living a day in the life of a Viking, took part in some Viking invasions and made a ship out of humans!


Year 6 spent their ignition day celebrating the Scottish Viking festival of Up Helly Aa by learning some Viking chants, making flaming torches (out of paper!), voting in their chief and leading a fire procession around the school. They also sampled some of Scotland’s finest food. The shortbread was definitely more of a hit than the haggis…

Looking forward to HURDSFIELD'S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support!

WE 21.9.2018


As we reflect on yet another amazing week here at Hurdsfield, we eagerly anticipate the next which is sure to see excitement in the form of our next IGNTION day as well as reflection as we host what we hope to be Hurdsfield’s BIGGEST Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support on Friday 28th September 2018 from 8.30am to 11.30am.


Cancer touches all of our lives and has also directly affected members of our school and wider community. By hosting this coffee morning, we plan to help fund the vital personal and family support needed to allow them to face cancer with all the strength they need to fight this life-threatening illness. The need for this support become even more evident over the summer period when our school community lost one of our own parents to cancer. Catherine Potts (nee Phoenix) has had a long association with Hurdsfield Primary School. Her energy and enthusiasm for life and her children was evident for all members of the school community to see and she will be sorely missed, not only by her family, but by the school community as a whole. Mrs Moores and Mrs Brownhill attended Mrs Pott’s funeral as representatives of Hurdsfield School.


In honour of Catherine and other members of the school community affected by cancer, we are hoping to hold the biggest and best coffee morning here at Hurdsfield and raise a significant amount of money for her family and others who are currently fighting cancer or grieving a loved one passing.


Donations of cakes will be greatly received for the coffee morning next Friday. Whether you are the next Mary Berry and would like to donate your latest ‘Show Stopper’ or (like me) follow the ‘Tesco’ recipe book and purchase cakes to share; in this instance “every little (donation) really does help! Copious supplies of tea and coffee will be served in school and all monetary donations will go directly to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Spread the word!


The more the merrier and let’s do our bit to ensure that cancer becomes a subject at school - HISTORY!



Week two - thank you!

WE 14.9.2018


After only two weeks, we have been really impressed to see how well our children have settled into their new school year and are embracing our school motto by showing their teacher their best learning, behaviour, attitude and uniform. We couldn’t be prouder of your children or our school. Your support is paramount to the success of our school and ultimately, the successful education of your children. We have been humbled by the support of our families over the past 12 months and appreciate the positivity around the changes we have made and are still making to ensure that we provide nothing short of the best for your children.


Our staff are amazing! Every day, they go above and beyond for the children at Hurdsfield Primary School. I honestly believe that your children are some of the luckiest in Macclesfield to have such a dedicated, professional and steadfast team working towards securing the absolute best for your children. Despite the huge changes and challenges we have faced and still face this year, the staff at the school have made sure that your children and our families have not been affected.


As mentioned last year, every decision we make is because we feel that this is the BEST for your children. Our new ‘Parent Forum’ is intended to provide our Parents/Carers with a permanent voice in school; to allow you to offer feedback, both positive and negative, on OUR school and the new initiative we are planning to implement. We are hoping for this to be a positive forum in which ideas can be discussed openly with a clear focus on what our most important people are in school; our amazing children! If you are interested in becoming a member of this forum and can spare a morning every six weeks, we would be grateful for your input and support.


As we continue to implement and embed changes to our school, we are mindful that it is made clear that every change is not about satisfying Ofsted or other external agencies; its about meeting our vision of providing the best for your children within a framework of challenge and high expectations for all. Some of these changes are highly visible and others are subtler, but all of these changes add to raising standards across the school and ensuring your children receive a well-rounded and exciting education which is fit for life in the 21st century.


As Friday 14th September 2018 is national Teaching Assistant day, we would like to dedicate this week’s blog to ALL of our fabulous staff and thank them for all of their hard work and dedication to your children. You are amazing! Thank you for all that you do on behalf of our children – we are lucky to have you!

Week one completed already!

WE 7.9.2018


I cannot believe that this is the end of the first week of our new school year – where has the time gone? On behalf of all of the staff and governors, we hope that you had a great Summer holiday and are ready for a new term. Earlier on this week, we sent out a letter detailing the main events for this term which already seems to be jam-packed with exciting school events not the mention the visits that each class teacher is planning.


I would also like to offer our sincere thanks to all of our Parents/Carers for their support in implementing our amazing new school uniform. The children all look superb and it is obvious that they are proud to wear such a smart and distinguishing uniform. As we progress, we will continue to strictly enforce our uniform policy to ensure that we don’t end up with the variation we saw previously and that our high expectations are clearly shared with the whole school community. On Monday, our new KS2 teacher, Miss Smith, joined our teaching team. Miss Smith is an extremely experienced teacher and has joined us from Pott Shrigley Primary School. The children and families in her class have made her feel very welcome and she is excited by the year ahead. Miss Smith already has some great ideas which we are sure will add to our plan to provide nothing short of the best for your children. We also welcome back Miss Duncker to the team in her role as Year 1 TA and After School Club Manager! She just loved Hurdsfield so much that she just couldn’t keep away! 😊


Over the Summer holiday, we have had a range of works completed to ensure that our learning environment is the best for all of our children. A summary of the changes includes:


  1. A new computer server which allows our children to access the latest version of Windows;
  2. Bi-fold doors have been installed between our new Reception and Nursery classrooms. These doors have really ‘opened up’ the space for our youngest children but also allow us to close areas off to ensure targeted and focused teaching for both Nursery and Reception children;
  3. Our Year 2 Classroom has a new door which is now in keeping with the rest of the school;
  4. A new IWB has been installed in our Year 6 classroom;
  5. And finally, much to our staff’s delight, we now have state of the art photocopiers which have significantly reduced waiting times as well as allowing us to be eco-friendly with their cardboard covered toners which can be recycled
  6. Looking ahead, next Thursday 13th September will be our class photographs. Remember: only our best (smile) will do! We will be updating the gallery outside my office with the updated shots of our amazing children in their amazing new uniform!

The end of another school year!

24th July 2018


Well that’s it!  The end of another year at Hurdsfield and what a brilliant year it has been!


Our children are quite simply amazing and all of the staff would like to thank our parents/carers, friends and wider community for their support in ensuing that we provide nothing short of the best for our most important asset; YOUR FABULOUS CHILDREN!


Today we say goodbye to our stunning Year 6 cohort safe in the knowledge that Tytherington School are getting extraordinary young people as well as the legendary Mrs Grimwood who, after 20 years, is getting ready to enjoy her well earned retirement.  This year has also seen our school secure the BEST outcomes for our pupils!


We look forward to September and our continuing journey towards providing the absolute best for your children. In the meantime, on behalf of all of the staff and governors, we would like to wish you all a happy, safe and fun summer break as “only the best (summer holiday) will do” and we look forward to seeing you on September 4th in our NEW school uniform!

The end of another AMAZING term here at Hurdsfield!

WE 25.5.2018


As we hurtle towards the end of the half term and indeed the end of the academic year, I am mindful of the many great achievements we have accomplished as a school community over the last two and a half terms as we continue to improve our amazing school.


I often talk of my pride at being the school’s Headteacher and this week showed how amazing our school is and why we are so lucky to have such brilliant children here at Hurdsfield.


On Tuesday, I accompanied our Year 6 children to Chill Factor and then Nandos for their end of SATs treat. As mentioned in previous emails, our Year 6 children deserved this treat for their hard work; not just in the run up to SATs but their attitude to learning and the school throughout the year. They have been an exemplary year group in both work ethic and attitude. During the visit, they again showed why we are so proud of them here at Hurdsfield as they not only supported each other to complete the tasks but also the other children who were present at the same time. Their kindness and selflessness is a credit to the school and their parents and as Headteacher I couldn’t be prouder of them all.


On Wednesday, I was privileged to accompany our Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 children to Stockport Plaza as they joined four other schools to present their work as part of the ‘Book Factor Awards 2018’. Not only was the behaviour of our pupils outstanding, but the performance they gave was mesmerising and enchanting as they presented the story of ‘Claude: All at Sea’ to music from ‘The Greatest Showman’. Yet again, I was so proud of the children as they showed just what Hurdsfield is about. Thank you to all of the parents/carers who made their way to Stockport Plaza, we hope you enjoyed the show! Finally, I would like to wish all of our families and friends a happy half term break. Here’s hoping for sun and lots of fun! We will see you all again for the final half term of this year at Hurdsfield on Tuesday 5th June 2018. 

HURDSFEST 2018 is another example of how, at Hurdsfield, only our best will do!

Still image for this video
HURDSFEST 2018 is yet another example of why I am so proud to be the headteacher of our AMAZING school! We had well over 500 people enjoying the sun, activities and our own circus as we shared with the community just how fabulous our school is. Take a look at this video which provides only a small snapshot of the brilliant day! What will happen next year? Plans are already on the way but all I can say is that it will be bigger and BETTER than this year because 'At Hurdsfield: only our best (PTA events) will do!'

The countdown is on!

HURDSFEST 2018 it will be GREAT!

2nd May 2018


This morning, despite the rain, the PTA turned out in force and filled my office as we finalised the arena timetables and event placements for our upcoming Family Fun Day!  I have been involved in many school PTA events and I must say that the way our PTA have developed this event is simply FANTASTIC!  We are so lucky to have such a bunch of dedicate parents and carers who have put their efforts into creating such a unique event.  THANK YOU!


The flyers have been sent out, the tickets are nearly sold out for the Circus, the 'zorbing' pool is ready to fill with water (this will take five hours on its own!), the fire eaters are hungry, the bubble mix is 'bubbly' and the Circus tent is ready to go!  


I cannot wait to welcome our school community to the event a Hurdsfield Primary School, this Saturday 5th May 2018, for a day of family fun, community cohesion and candyfloss and donkey rides.  Exclusive to Hurdsfield Primary School and Nursery!

At Hurdsfield: only our best will do!