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2018 - the BEST year at Hurdsfield to date!

WB 8.1.2018


First of all, I would like to welcome all of our children and their families back to school following the Christmas break. It was great to see all of the children come back to school with great big smiles and many stories of their exciting Christmas break.


While our children have been away, our school has been a hive of activity with a range of trades making significant changes to the inside of our school. Thanks to their hard work and dedication over the Christmas period, we now have new carpets throughout the school and our new classroom for our Year 3 children is up and running. We have also had many lights replaced, including new external lights to the front of the school and work has been completed to ensure that our school is fully compliant with Health and Safety regulations.


All of the changes we have made are about ensuring that your children are taught in the best learning environment: one which is safe, clean and promotes our high expectations for our children in their learning. Investigation work into the works needed in the playground is still ongoing but I am hopeful that we will be able to update you soon as to when these works will be fully completed.


It is also an exciting time this term as we begin our re-design of our school uniform. I have been in contact with a range of uniform suppliers who are creating mock ups of our new designs which will be placed in front of our children and wider community for feedback. We are looking closely at the prices of our new uniform choices to ensure best value for money for our families.


Finally, I would like to welcome Mrs. Ramsey to our school who is our new permenant School Adminstrator. She will be working closely with Mrs. Haselwood, our School Business Manager and is eagar to meet all of our amazing children and their families over the coming weeks. As always, my door remains open so please don’t hesitate to come and see me to discuss anything. I am more than happy to discuss with anyone why we are making the decisions we making and take feedback. I am determined to ensure that your children receive nothing short of the best during their time here at Hurdsfield!

Rainbow Time

WE 1.12.2017


Today, we had our first 'Rainbow Time'.  This time is led by myself as Headteacher and is awarded to children who have gone above and beyond our expectations each week.  This week, I took 7 of our children for a trip to McDonalds and then to a park for their treat.  We had a great time!  Just look at the pictures below!



New School Prefects

WE 24.11.2017


In assembly today, I was really pleased to announce our new Year 6 prefects.  These children demonstrate every day our high expectations for behaviour, conduct and dedication to becoming the best they can be!  Well done to these children - I am very proud of you all!












Its a 'hole' in one!

10th November 2017


Another amazing week here at Hurdsfield comes to a close; one filled with fun and excitement as well as intrigue! The week stated like any other, happy smiling children ready for some exciting learning!


However, on Tuesday, a large, ever growing and seemingly endless hole appeared on the playground. Where did it come from? What could have caused this phenomenon? Had the Year 6 boys finally hit the football so hard that they caused a hole to appear out of nowhere? Investigations are ongoing but someone somewhere knows what has happened. I have been assured by our structural engineer that the school is safe (for now) and plans are already underway to make our playground more secure. However, this got me thinking – how can we use this strange incident to inspire some fantastic writing from our children. That’s why I am launching Hurdsfield’s first ‘Wicked Writing’ challenge. A winner will be chosen from each class who will receive a special prize! This is how I see it working… 


Year 5 and 6: Write a newspaper article about the appearance of the mysterious hole that has appeared in the school grounds. How did it happen? Who has been affected? What happened? When did it happen? Why did it happen? Was this the break point of a secret alien invasion? Is this the reappearance of the ‘Hurdness Monster’; the legendary prehistoric creature who used to roam the area of Hurdsfield one billion years ago? Is this a secret entrance to the mystical land of Hurdaya; a land where Elves, Fairies, Goblins and Trolls live? The choices are endless – let your imagination go! 


Year 3 and 4: Write a story starting with the following sentence: Everything was going well, until the ‘hole’ appeared… 


Key Stage 1: Imagine that there is a mystical land underneath our school. Write a description of what it looks like. 1. Who lives there? 2. What do they eat? 3. What jobs do they do? 


Reception: Design a ‘WANTED’ poster for a creature that escaped from the hole. What did it look like? What does it smell like? How will we make sure we capture it safely? 


All entries need to be submitted by Monday 20th November and the winners will be announced in our celebration assembly on Friday 24th November. You have to be in it to win it! I am looking forward to reading all of the superb entries. 

End of Week 4 - a great start!

29th September 2017


As week four draws to a close, I feel even more privileged to be part of this wonderful school and great community. I can’t thank every member of staff enough for the warm welcome I have received and your children for making each day exciting, unique and special. When I am walking around the school and in lessons, I am enjoying seeing children pushing themselves to become the best they can be. The phrase “my brain hurts” is heard from many children which shows that they are learning new things and challenging themselves to become the best! In order to further support our children in maximising their learning potential, we have been working on a new ‘Behaviour for Learning’ policy which will be launched with the children soon. I hope you have noticed the improvements to the site as well as the increased focus on safeguarding in school with new fencing being installed this week. In order to make our school even more welcoming, I am looking at making significant changes to the main entrance to the school which will provide a more welcoming reception and increase the amount of learning space we have for the children to enjoy.


On Saturday, I am looking forward to welcoming members of our school and local community to Hurdsfield to improve some of the outdoor spaces around school for the benefit of our most important asset; your children. Finally, it was a pleasure to welcome our children’s grandparents into school to enjoy a special ‘Grandparents’ Lunch’ in celebration of National Grandparents Day on Sunday. Look out for pictures on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our school website.

SILK FM 106.6 'School of the Week' WB 18.9.2017 - Go Team Hurdsfield

WB 18.9.2017


Listen to our amazing podcast on Silk FM as we are this week's 'School of the Week'. You can access the podcast by copying and pasting the following address into your web browser!

Meet the Head - tomorrow!

13th September 2017


The doors will be opened to school tomorrow for our 'Meet the New Headteacher' Coffee and Cake event.  I am looking forward to meeting parents and carers of current and potential children who will be coming to Hurdsfield and sharing with you my vision for the school.  I look forward to seeing you all then.

What a week!

9th September 2017


This week has been fantastic.  Thank you to everyone for making my first week such a memorable one.  We hope that you like our new signage and newsletter templates.  Don't forget our exciting events for next week:

  • Silk FM will be in school to record our staff and children as part of their'School of the Week' slot.  We have some very excited children who are ready to share with Cheshire how brilliant our school is!
  • Don't forget the meet the headteacher event on Thursday 14th September - 9.15am and then again at 4.00pm - all welcome.  Please spread the word.  Entrance will be via the main reception.

Hurdsfield does 'Ground Force' -

SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday 30th September

Hurdsfield does Ground Force - Saturday 30th September

New Kitchen!

14th August 2017

It has been great to be able to come into school to 'settle in' last week.  Thank you to the staff at Hurdsfield Children's Centre for their kindness and hospitality; we are already discussing ways that our school and the centre can work closely together in the future.  The new school kitchen seems to be coming along well and the class teachers have been in getting the school ready for September.  Lots of things to look forward to!  Hope you're enjoying your school holidays!

Hurdsfield on Twitter #great!

30th July 2017

We are pleased to announce that Hurdsfield Primary has joined the word of Twitter.  Just search for @HurdsfieldPS to keep up to date with all of the brilliant things that happen at our school.  We are also on Facebook; just search for Hurdsfield Primary School and 'like' our page to find out more about what happens at our school!

Hello everyone!

28th July 2017

I am writing to introduce myself. My name is James Cash and I have been appointed as the new Headteacher of Hurdsfield Primary School from September 2017. I come to Hurdsfield from Banks Lane School in Offerton, Stockport and I am very excited about starting in September and, more importantly, meeting all of the staff, children and parents at the school. I plan to meet as many of you as I can in September and look forward to working with the community to celebrate what makes Hurdsfield such an amazing school and ensuring that your school continues to succeed. Over the next few months, I will be adding a range of information to this website in order to share with you the exciting developments that are taking place at the school. I would like to thank Mrs Pickard for her help and support during this period of transition and I am looking forward to continuing her ethos and developing your school. Your children deserve nothing short of the best and I will ensure that this continues to be the driving force behind all decision making. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our updated prospectus which is available on this website as well as the updated ethos and aims statements that will give you a flavour of what makes our school so special.  I would like to wish the families of Hurdsfield Primary School an amazing summer holiday and I look forward to meeting you on the 5th September!