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Governing Body (2017-2018)


The Governing Body of Hurdsfield Primary School is committed to working in partnership with the head teacher and staff to provide the best possible education for our children.


The Governors of Hurdsfield  Primary School consists of 12 members of the local and school community. It works closely with the Headteacher, Mr Cash (from September 2017), and the staff of the school to oversee the strategic direction and planning of the school. The Governing Board does this by offering support and constructive advice; being a ‘critical friend’ when and where needed. The Governing Board challenges, asks questions and seeks information to ensure that the best interests of the children at the school are being met.


All members of the Governing Board are volunteers. They are either elected by parents and staff, appointed by the Local Authority or co-opted from the local community. The Headteacher is a governor. The terms of office are 4 years and governors can choose to be re-elected to the Governing Body.


The Governing Body is split into four committees that scrutinise the work of the school.  The committees are as follows:


 Resources  Committee

Chaired by: Rachel Mooney and Steve Carter

James Cash (Headteacher)

Lucy Morrissey

Christine Tomlinson

Alison Mitchell

Co-opted Vacancy 1


Teaching and Learning Committee

Chaired by: Frank Vigon

James Cash (Headteacher)

Maureen Grimwood

Andrew Melville

Eileen Talbot

Co-opted Vacancy 2

Parent Vacancy 1



Personnel (including Pay and Performance)

Chaired by: Rachel Mooney and Steve Carter


Alison Mitchell

Christine Tomlinson


 Each committee meets at least once a term. The full Governing Body meets each term.

  The Chair of Governors can call extra meetings if necessary.


Who are our Governors?


Chair of Governors

Rachel Mooney


Deputy Chair

Andrew Melville


Co-opted Governors

Eileen Talbot, Frank Vigon, Rachel Mooney, Maureen Grimwood, Steve Carter


Parent Governors

Alison Mitchell



Staff Governor

Lucy Morrissey


Local Authority Governor

Christine Tomlinson


Individual governors have been linked to different areas of responsibility in school. 


These are listed below:


Safeguarding: Alison Mitchell

Board Development Governors: Lucy Morrissey and Maureen Grimwood

SEND: Frank Vigon

Pupil Premium and Sports Premium: Frank Vigon

Target Setting: Steering Group

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Hurdsfield Governors - Terms of Reference

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